Clinician Listserv

As an EMDR community service, EMDR Consulting has established an EMDR specific listserv that is available to all clinicians who have started an EMDR training – regardless of their training provider.

EMDR Consulting hopes that this community-based EMDR listserv will encourage the growth of EMDR within the clinical community. There are no membership requirements or fees associated with participating in the discussion listserv other than having started your EMDR training.

Subscribing Directions

Subscribe to EMDR Consulting’s listserv by filling out the form here. You will be sent an email requesting confirmation (to prevent others from gratuitously subscribing you). Once confirmation is received, your request will be held for approval by the list moderator. You will be notified of the moderator’s decision by email. This is also a hidden list, which means that the list of members is available only to the list administrator.


Roy Kiessling, founder of EMDR Consulting, will be the listserv moderator. Roy moderated the largest international private EMDR listserv from 2000-2013 before establishing his EMDR Consulting training organization.


  • Clinicians: Regardless of your EMDR experience or training provider, you are invited to join and participate in the community-based EMDR discussion list by posting questions and offering comments.
  • Contributors: All EMDRIA-Approved training providers, approved consultants, and consultants-in-training are invited and encouraged to participate by offering comments and/or suggestions to questions posted on the list.


We strive to provide a supportive, encouraging, and respectful environment where all views, interpretations, and innovations regarding the integration of EMDR into one’s clinical practice are openly discussed.

Guidelines and Policies

  • Subject line: Clearly identify the intent of the post
  • Signature: Minimum; e.g., provide name and email address
  • Forwarding posts to non-listserv members: Please do not forward posts without written permission from originator


All EMDR related topics are appropriate. Example question topics:

  • EMDR related clinical issues
    • Case presentation
      • The listserv is not secure; therefore, respect confidentiality.
      • Generally, the list below will provide the foundation of your case followed by your clinical question(s):
        1. Presenting complaint
        2. Targeted incident
        3. Core negative belief
        4. Core positive belief
    • Clinical questions
  • EMDR related learning
    • Announcements regarding books, workshops, trainings with a link to more information – one time post from:
      • Local sponsors
      • Presenters
      • Training providers
  • EMDR related products
    • Personal experiences using the product/recommendations; comparisons
    • Disclosure of any relationship with product

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