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To get a better idea of who we are and our mission, please take a few minutes to read through our core values as these form the foundation of everything that we do and offer to you.

1. Strong sense of purpose

Serving you, the EMDR Community and those who seek our help, is our primary mission, the purpose of EMDR Consulting and everything we offer. We strive to accomplish this through:

  • In-person and virtual EMDR trainings to fit your clinical needs.
  • Affordable all-in-one training fees that include:
    • 10 hours of group consultation provided by EMDR Consulting’s qualified EMDRIA Approved Consultants through virtual, phone, or in-person group consultation sessions.
    • Reduced fees for clinicians working in non-profit agencies, community mental health, the VA, and Master’s level interns.
    • Payment plans to space out your training fees.
    • An all-in-one training manual, free videos of Roy Kiessling presenting his EMDR training approach, and downloadable files of your training materials and supporting worksheets and brochures.
    • Reduced fees for virtual trainings – we pass our overhead savings on to you!
  • There are no hidden or extra fees for consultation, materials, and on-going support.
  • An interactive learning management system that supports integrating EMDR into your clinical practice before, during and after your training.


  • Our Find a Therapist search option helps you, the individual seeking EMDR treatment, to find one of our EMDR therapists in your area.

2. Service above self

We realize becoming trained in EMDR is a significant investment of your time, money, and commitment that will affect the future of your clinical practice. Our core value of Service above Self keeps us focused on helping you maximize your training experience. We maintain this value throughout your entire EMDR journey of integrating EMDR into your clinical practice.

  • Our administrative team will always address your concerns from your perspective. If we were in your situation, “How would we want this resolved, what is fair and appropriate?” And we strive to always “walk the talk.”
  • Our training team acknowledges our diversity, honors our differences, and values our common goal of helping you integrate EMDR into your clinical practice. Our integrative approach helps you adapt EMDR to fit your cultural background, clinical style, and your clients’ diverse needs.
  • Having a supportive community is invaluable in learning and maintaining any newly learned skills. We support your continued learning through our learning management system, our EMDR discussion listserv, and advanced specialty workshops.


3. Collaboration

We constantly evaluate our programs and look for ways to improve our materials and methods to better serve those we train. Evaluations and suggestions from staff and participants regarding our EMDR Training Course are reviewed and incorporated into our training. This collaboration keeps us enthusiastic, vibrant, and growing.

4. Alumni Support

Everyone completing our EMDR Training course is considered an alumnus and, therefore, eligible for continued access to our learning management system:

  • Free downloads of EMDR worksheets
  • Free videos and/or audio downloadable files
  • Free EMDR Clinician Listserv
  • Free newsletter, blogs, and other social media connections

I hope this brief explanation of our mission and core values has encouraged you to look at the many services we are offering. Once again, welcome to EMDR Consulting.


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